Answer that survey?
Like the quiet snowy night,
speak not a whisper.

Your sacred password.
Like a bad case of herpes,
keep it to yourself.

Just a reminder to all you security and privacy minded poets out there that Security Haiku wants to hear from you. Join us and walk the path of security in syllables.

Facebook Reminder

Facebook has a way
of never logging you out.
Mind your devices.


Privacy is choice,
freedom to decide ourselves,
it is peace of mind.

TEMPEST, a storm brews
Stealing data, no footprint left
Remote, unseen, gone

Symmetric numbers
On SecureID tokens:
My euphoria.

suede shoes
in the airport security bin
flight to Memphis

Strong Security
Requirements and compliance
Is staff knowledge strong?

divergent packets;
with outstretched arms
the firewall dance

Passwords are something
you know. What you are and have
also authenticates.

Secret questions are
the weakest link on your site.
My first pet? Your mom.


“Hacking is easy”
he thought. Gentle breezes sway,
commands penetrate.


No shame in asking
gentleperson behind you
to show you their badge.

Social media:
The new place for virtual
dumpster diving thieves.

Submission guides
Do not apply Win7 Lnks
(To) Siemen’s SCADA

little lies

My real life birthday
is none of Facebook’s business.
Or the ID thieves.

Passwords, underwear:
change often, never share, when
compromised, replace.

(inspired by “Passwords like Toothbrush“, C. Vera)

Security through
Haiku: good advice without
taking all damn day.

Despite being warned,
Deceived and convinced to click,
Ta da! Now you’re pwned.

You see that stranger
walking around over there?
Go ask who they are.

secret questions

Easy backdoor in.
What do I know about you?
Never speak plainly.


Require. Comply.
Commitments to make complete.
Trust but verify.

social engineer

Social engineer
will say almost anything
to filch your password.

forwarding alerts
verify before you send
email is viral